Doug Duffee MD

This is a great balanced approach. I also agree that a component of exercise is crucial…It really makes disease management (like diabetes) more effective.


Billies Cauldron

I love taking words and forming other words, maGic, is Mother and God in Christ. This little exercise I participated in, I hope to do it daily cause if felt good to my cracking bones and aching muscles.

exercise? I once just loved life, swinging my scythe, going for a bicycle ride, eating fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, sweated good, drank lots of water, and pounds melted away, but for those who need magic, maGic is good, it too will do the body good.


Samina Iqbal

I am very impressed with all the information and exercise so that you put on your blog for the  good of people. Exercise can do no harm at all. I am  trying your healthy tips and already have started feeling good.  Thank you so much for this awesome public service. God bless you.

Wambui Bahati

Yes, I agree. Always ‘away from medicine’.

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