My mission is to save Health and Wealth. Today 10% to 15% of income of each family is spend on medicine. I think every one must be free from medicine. Be Healthy and Wealthy. “maGic” (a bunch of 6 steps of exercise ) is helpful for every one to save Health and Wealth. So i am always ready to guide about “maGic” to people.

You are also welcome to Shahid Bhagat Singh Udhyan, Ichalkaranji (Maharashtra, INDIA)  (Time 7:30 am to 7.:45 am)

  1. Protect Health.
  2. Save Wealth.
  3. Medicines Free.
  4. Disease Free.

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9 thoughts on “Do you know our mission?

  1. Best to your journey. Where did you find the statistics on medicine? I find them interesting. Also, did you create your own font for “Mission”? Captivating style! Also thank you for noting my blog. I hope you enjoy the work I put up later today!


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