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RHF INDIA is a non-profitable public organization which motto is to save health without drug and guide to how keeping balance with nature to live natural Life. RHF INDIA has invented a miraculous exercise “Magic” which gives 100% Health. Do “Magic” exercise only 5 minutes in a day and get like:


1. Health without Drug.
2. Fitness without Gym.
3. Energy without Tonic.
4. Beauty without Cosmetic.
RHF INDIA is working on the motto since 2013. RHF INDIA has got Success and Love from public.

Being a responsible and awarded citizen, me Rajesh Jhanwar feel proud to inform you that I have invented an exercise, so crisp and easy in nature, all due to my hard work, patience and determination. It has proved its mettle to thousand of people already and many more making it to the list. It has now been renowned in the world as “Magic Exercise”, all because of its effect in short time and less toiling. It helps each and every section of the society right from younger to older people.

“Magic Exercise” is divided into 6 phases, wherein each phase equals 40 seconds, hence this exercise constitutes to only about 240 seconds/4 minutes of your day. It can be done in a compact space measuring upto 3’x3′.


  1. Acidity is cured in 10 days.
  2. Gas is cured in 20 days.
  3. Constipation is cured in 30 days.
  4. Cough is cured in 30 days.
  5. Digestion system is highly improved in 40 days.
  6. “Magic Exercise” helps to cure deficiency of water in body by arising natural thirst while also enhancing the taste of mouth in 50 days.
  7. “Magic Exercise” will make you feel stronger than ever in 60 days.
  8. Heart and blood disease can be cured in 60 days.
  9. It revitalises your skin and makes you look more glorious.
  10. If done regularly, you can get rid off all diseases and further recovers your health

“Magic Exercise” is the core reason behind establishing a platform named Recovery Health Foundation which is dedicated to make lives healthier and medicine free just by this technique. Today medicines have taken a toll over our health and we have been more addicted to these drugs which have degraded our health.

The drastic changes in eating habits and consumptions pattern now a days, all due to growing globalisation, has its own consequences that now one cant easily differentiate to opt for a healthy meal. More and more people are adopting junk food as their key to hunger and taste which is degrading their health conditions junkies are neither high in nutrition nor fulfils a balanced diet. These have led poor digestion and has introduced our bodies to new and hazardous diseases. “Magic Exercise” play its role here by enhancing digestion system, maintaining health and fat and also the body.

For further information visit http://www.rhf.org.in or send a mail at info@rhf.org.in The website mentioned above is highly appreciated and is visited by 200 countries. Also from past three years, Bhagatsingh Park in Ichalkaranji has been a prominent place to propagate the essence of “Magic Exercise” by conducting sessions from 7am to 8am every morning for free.

Skype – live:recoveryhealth

Shahid Bhagat Singh Udyan, Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, India


Health in 5 minutes.

  1. Very simple.
  2. Very much effective.
  3. An amazing combination of “Level, Movement, Twist and Timing”.
  4. Miraculous results.
  5. Effortless exercise for everyone.
  6. No any side effects.
  7. Only 5 minutes in a day.

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  1. Thank you for following! I am thrilled that it may provide some peace, comfort and well-being to those that you serve. I salute your fine work at Recovery Health! All Good, Restoration, and miracles of the Nature of Core balance- may they flourish in each that you reach and more! Love, Linda


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  3. Thanks for following! I look forward to reading more about maGic as well. Looks interesting. Do you have anything written in more detail for those who can’t visit you in India? I couldn’t find anything under “maGic guide”.

  4. So Happy to Find You sharing the Same Health & Beauty & Wellness Principles and Methodes !!! So much in My OWN Ways , Life Purpose , Mission and Professional Field !!!! Welcome and Sharing always Having the Greatest Purpose of Helping Others !!!! Only in Sharing and By Sharing we Fulfill Our Lifes Purposes and Manifesting more and More LIGHT !!!! Thank You , following each other , will be a Great Help and Learning for Us and All others coming in our Way !!! Much Love & Light !!!

  5. Thank you for following my very new blog, hopefully I will have things to interest you on there soon 🙂
    I had a quick flick through your blog and it looks extremely interesting, I shall be giving it a good reading /watching later and recommending it to my clients.

  6. Hi Rajesh Ji,

    Wish You An Amazingly Awesome Day! Zillions of Gratitude from the Soul of The Universe for following my Soul Inspiring Blog “AWESOME AJ”.

    Like the inspiring work you are doing through your blog/site, my blog http://www.awesomeaj.com/ is a blog on Soul Motivation, Universal Wisdom and Law of Attraction. It is my inspirational initiative to help individual Live their Dreams and Create Abundance.

    My passion is to Enlighten, Inspire and Motivate people around the Globe to live their Dreams with a “Never Give Up” Attitude, Believing in the Power of their Soul and Create the Most Awesome Life they ever dream of!

    Simply I am helping, guiding and supporting people in living their Dreams, being in Divine Happiness and becoming AWESOME forever.

    Thank You For Your Support.

    Loads of Love and Blessings from The Universe!

    -Awesome AJ
    Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

    1. What is disease? Disease is an imbalance of chemicals, elements, proteins, hormones etc. in our body. Imbalance is the cause of our weak digestive system. Exercise “maGic” helps to strong the digestive system. We can always be free from the disease & weakness.

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