MAGIC Exercise balances Cough in 30 days

According to Ayurveda, each person has specific Prakriti/Dosha which is made up of the five elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Space. There are 3 doshas in the human body: 1. Vaat 2.Pitta 3. Kapha.

Kapha means cough is made up of water and earth elements. Unhealthy food stress, and insufficient exercise are the reasons for the dosha imbalance. To maintain a cough balance, stimulating activities and an extra intake of fluids can help. MAGIC exercise plays important role in cough problems as it resolves issues in anabolism and help improving the energy flow.

So, keep MAGIC execersizing and stay FIT !!!

coughing Problems

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Dear visitor/follower my name is Rajesh Jhanwar, A guy From India. I have created a Miraculous exercise named “maGic”™. “maGic”™ is 6 steps exercise, which has been created by keeping vision of thousands of activities of ladies and gents. First 3 steps are created by soft activities of ladies and next 3 steps are created by hard activities of gents. Effects of activities of ladies and gents had been found on human body. Those effects I have created in “maGic”™ and made a new creation of exercise. In short I can say I have tried to fill “Sea in a Sand’s Pot”. I have taught many people and got miraculous results. “recoveryhealth”™’s “maGic”™ is a 5 minute exercise, which is very simple and very much effective. “maGic”™ is Boon for overweight and diabetes patients. No any side-effects and much more….. So I want to see the whole world healthy. I always see a dream of the healthy and happy world. My mission is to save Health and Wealth. Today 10% – 15% of income of each family is spend on medicine. I think every one must be free from medicine. Be Healthy and Wealthy. “maGic”™ (a bunch of 6 steps of exercise ) is helpful for everyone to save Health and Wealth. So I am always ready to guide about “maGic”™ to people.