1. Stand easy.
  2. To do your Body and Body Weight centralize, Do your Foots close.
  3. Loose your Body, Easy stand.
  4. Keep Face front side (During the Exercise).
  5. Keep your seat stable (During the Exercise).

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2 thoughts on “Instructions

  1. HI rajesh
    Well here I am . The images are a wonderful drawing to your blog. I am a student of health where I choose to exercise daily, Eating lots of good things. Where on your blog is the exercise you speak of?
    I took Tai Chi and Sword for four years, Find yoga suited better for me know. But am interested in your maGic exercise. I subscribe to your blog now. Hope you will continue to enjoy mine. I appreciate your gift of knowledge in helping others to reach their highest level of potential.
    Great meeting you. Are the images your creations? I’d love to copy a couple for down the road. Very peaceful site.


    1. Thank you very much….Yisraela…! You has visited my site and like my web, I think you a great heart. Always welcome Yesraela….I am always ready to consecrate “maGic”. If you any about “maGic” tell me, I will try to satisfaction answer about it.
      kind Regards


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