Magic Exercise Step 1

(Steps 6 x 40 Sec. = 240 Seconds)
Step – 1st

Level – Shoulder
Movement – Straight
Twist – Belly
Time – Once a Second (40 Second)

Benefits :
100% Health in 5 minutes. Magic Exercise balances naturally Acid, Gas, Cough, Fat, Glucose, Chemicals, Harmones, Proteins, Elements etc. in human body. Keeps yourself always away from Diseases, Doctors and Drugs.

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Dear visitor/follower my name is Rajesh Jhanwar, A guy From India. I have created a Miraculous exercise named “maGic”™. “maGic”™ is 6 steps exercise, which has been created by keeping vision of thousands of activities of ladies and gents. First 3 steps are created by soft activities of ladies and next 3 steps are created by hard activities of gents. Effects of activities of ladies and gents had been found on human body. Those effects I have created in “maGic”™ and made a new creation of exercise. In short I can say I have tried to fill “Sea in a Sand’s Pot”. I have taught many people and got miraculous results. “recoveryhealth”™’s “maGic”™ is a 5 minute exercise, which is very simple and very much effective. “maGic”™ is Boon for overweight and diabetes patients. No any side-effects and much more….. So I want to see the whole world healthy. I always see a dream of the healthy and happy world. My mission is to save Health and Wealth. Today 10% – 15% of income of each family is spend on medicine. I think every one must be free from medicine. Be Healthy and Wealthy. “maGic”™ (a bunch of 6 steps of exercise ) is helpful for everyone to save Health and Wealth. So I am always ready to guide about “maGic”™ to people.