Billies Cauldron

Billies Cauldron I love taking words and forming other words, maGic, is Mother and God in Christ. This little exercise I participated in, I hope to do it daily cause if felt good to my cracking bones and aching muscles. exercise? I once just loved life, swinging my scythe, going for a bicycle ride, eating … Continue reading Billies Cauldron

Wambui Bahati

Wambui Bahati Yes, I agree. Always ‘away from medicine’.

Samina Iqbal

Samina Iqbal I am very impressed with all the information and exercise so that you put on your blog for the  good of people. Exercise can do no harm at all. I am  trying your healthy tips and already have started feeling good.  Thank you so much for this awesome public service. God bless you.

Doug Duffee MD

Doug Duffee MD This is a great balanced approach. I also agree that a component of exercise is crucial…It really makes disease management (like diabetes) more effective.