The Complete Human Body™


A perfect combination of Level, Movement, Timing and Twist. A miracle “maGic”™ is 6 steps exercise, which has been created by keeping vision of thousands of activities of ladies and gents. First 3 steps are created by soft activities of ladies and next 3 steps are created by hard activities of gents. Every step of exercise is only 40 seconds, Total time will be spend for exercise only 240 seconds/4minute. Effects of activities of ladies and gents had been found on human body. Those effects I have created in “maGic”™ exercise and made a new creation of exercise. In short I can say I have tried to fill “Sea in a Sand’s Pot”.

  1. Very simple.
  2. Less place 3ft x 3ft.
  3. Very much effective.
  4. Miraculous results.
  5. Effortless exercise for everyone.
  6. No waste of physical energy.
  7. Only 5 minutes everyday.
Relief in:
  1. Acidity – Acid is need of body, Exceed than nature, is disease. Acidity zero in 7-10 days
  2. Gas – Passing gas is nature of the body. But excess passing and smell is disease. According to nature of the body in 15-20 days.
  3. Constipation – Complete relief. Regular in 25-30 days
  4. Cough – 25-30 days.
  5. Hunger – Natural hunger in 25-30 days.
  6. Thrust – Natural thrust in 35-40 days
  7. Energy – Feel full energetic in 45-50 day
  8. Recovery – All old diseases are recover step by step. pagerank and Worth

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